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Solar Powered Killing Sheeps

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Bettie Boop
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Good to know im using my time wisely…. =oP

Meh.. Back to course work then...
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Came across a flyer for a new fetish club in Reading.
Go see and let me know what its like.

If any good my have to make a trip lol
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Feeling a little better 2day
Still cant stomach more than (strangely)
Avocado and bananas =oS
But that’s food at least lol


Lovely sunny day lol
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Well I cant say im not intrigued

Anyone else interested?

Current Mood: curious curious

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Ok not so drunken… tipsy more like,

Had a good night =oD ventured out for the first time in a week,

to the pub…

Met another food enthusiast called Mel which is always good, organising a cook off lmao
*serious movie commentator voice*
"when 2 chefs collide in an epic battle, utensils will be pushed to the limit"
Had some girly time with Liam, always good and much needed,

Now snuggled up in bed watching Eerie Indiana,
Looking forward to another non eventful day in front of a computer 2morrow at college.. Could be worse lol

*looks outside*

Hmm.. Looks like I made the right move coming home early.. Pissing it down now.

night all.

Current Mood: exhausted exhausted

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Sooo, ive finally decided to join the elite on LJ
Thought it was about time, specially as im surgically linked to the net now lol
*yeah matrix stylie…kick your slow motion ass*

Plus apparently this will be a good site to abuse with my nonsensical ramblings,

So yeah... this is just for me really.

Done nothing all day apart from look at saucy alternative ladies in the new Bizarre mag and watching Mallrats

Tiz a hard life…

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Oh yeah…

Friends only Mother Fluffers =oD

Current Location: in bed still
Current Mood: amused amused

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